DairyBISS has successfully conducted its 4th Dairy Business Platform on breeding.

On the 19th of December 2017, DairyBISS has successfully conducted its 4th platform on breeding specifically on improving private AI service to commercial dairy farms, at the Ambassadors hotel in Addis Ababa.

The meeting aims to bring together stakeholders in Ethiopia dairy sector to discuss on improved dairy fertility management with specific focus commercial dairy farm and effective private AI services provision that is playing a vital role in fertility management and breeding in the country. The meeting was ended with an advice to government in dairy breeding strategy development as well as representatives of development partners including DairyBISS on best steps forward to support efforts for realization of improve breeding for dairy production in Ethiopia.

The platform involved over 30 participants including commercial dairy farms, private AI service provider companies, private AI technicians, government and development partners.

Three presentations were conducted, the first presentation which was made by  Dr. Dereje director of Ethiopia National Artificial Insemination Center is focused on  AI service provision from experiences. NAIC. He briefly explained challenges and opportunities in management on dairy farm. The second presentation was made by Dr. Emiru Zewede, CEO ALPPIS (Addis Livestock production and Productivity Improvement Service). He shared the experience of his company  challenges and opportunities in providing AI services for dairy farms. The third presentation was on experiences of commercial dairy farms by Wondriad Abraham Chair of commercial Dairy Producer Association tried to assess AI services and challenges and opportunities in building the future generation of dairy cows.

Meeting being conducted.

Meeting being conducted.

Explanation being given on the benefit of AI and Q&A session.

Explanation being given on the benefit of AI and Q&A session.


Following the presentation the Q&A session was going: the main issues are about quality of semen and its performance,   accessing services by the commercial farms which consider their needs and priorities, accessing information on AI, level of accountability by AI services providers, efficiency of AI Service provider and situation they operate


The platform shared and received various relates ideas and concepts and questions related to the topic from the participants and discussed certain solutions.  Further strategies and plans were also conducted before the conclusion of the meeting.

  • There is a need to support private AI technicians in regards to business development and technical issues that aims to address their limitation to deliver the AI service efficiently and effectively.
  • There is a need to engage in improving the genetic pool of the country that create an opportunity for commercial dairy farms to access quality semen and diversified genetic sources in the total characteristics index. Note currently the private sector have capacity to supply 50,000+ dose while NAIC supply 1,000,000+ dose.
  • There is need to set (PPP) public private partnership to attain the set goal of genetic improvement strategy
  • There is need to work on supporting the ministry on some specific details of breeding policy in its implementation phase.
  • Support to design business model which trigger private sector involvement through time and able to take over fully the responsibility of government in providing AI services to the public
  • Conduct sort of study and recommend business model how lead commercial farm or processing industry could provide embodied services which including AI for dairy farmers.

For more of detailed report click here.

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