DairyBISS has successfully conducted its third Dairy Business Platform meeting on Brewer’s grain.




On Tuesday, December, 12, 2017 the third round dairy business platform meeting on Brewer’s grain and its importance to dairy production in Ethiopia has been successfully conducted at the Ambassador hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

There were 37 (thirty seven)  participants including commercial dairy  farmers, feed processing industry owners, Brewery companies, Government Ministries, feed regulatory authority , FAO and researchers.

Brief presentation were delivered by sector experts on the following topics

  • Challenges and opportunities using brewery feed for dairy production in Ethiopia ,
  • Experience of utilizing brewery grain as ingredient of poultry feed in the case of Raya beer in Tigray region,
  • Update on Ethiopian feed assessment which is carried out by FAO Ethiopia,
  • Draft directives by VDAFACA on brewery residual utilization as animal feed.
  • vision on potential, importance and improvements in use of brewer’s grain in Ethiopia feed processing industry


After the presentations a panel discussion was conducted with Q&A on presentation. Brewery factories representatives also forwarded their view on how to efficiently utilize the brewery residual as animal feed. There is understanding that brewer’s grain is a good protein and energy source for dairy cattle.  However, attention should be paid on how to manage and properly use the residue in order to sustain safety and efficient production.  With regards to these issues, presenters and representatives have provided multiple ideas on how to use it effectively and how make it accessible and affordable.

On the way forward, the following issues puts as main priorities

  • Conduct field survey that aims to determine the volume of brewery residuals including the share channelled to feed processing  factories and dairy farms,
  • Assess the existing situation of brewers residual transportation to farms and storage facility for the best use of the product in compliance with animal feed and food safety
  • Assess the challenges and opportunities to access brewery residuals from brewery as animal feed ( quality and affordability)
  • Assess the brewery yeast potential as sources of animal feed
  • Assess the performance of dairy cows in terms of production volume , quality, health ..using brewery grain as part of feed ingredient
  • Deliver extension model on spent brewery grain utilization

The meeting ended up with by reaching agreement   to continue a  discussion at all levels to  build strong a bridge between farmers and brewery companies.

The meeting being started.

The meeting being conducted.

Panelists on the Q & A of the meeting.

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