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New business to business (B2B) meetings on breeding services being planned


Starting from 11th -13th of 2018 a business to business (B2B) meeting has been planned at GETFAM Hotel  and will focuses on creating opportunities for privates breeding services providers (AI providers and Heifer suppliers)and the government .

In a nutshell the idea is looking to new prospects and acts upon growing the untapped demands of breed improvement services and the interrelation of genetic improvements with other management aspects of dairy production in Ethiopia. If you need the background click here- brief-for-breeding-b2b-event.

During the business to business event week, Dutch breeding companies will visit Ethiopian counterparts  and have discussion on joint collaborations.   Business to business meeting and matchmaking will also organize to create an opportunity to share valuable business information and identify areas of collaboration to commence long-term business deals.

Participants are expected to be 60 and include international breeding companies, commercial dairy farms, cooperatives, development partners, government representatives from the ministry of livestock and fishery with also the National Artificial Insemination Centre and more to read the specifics click here-Participants

1,Field visit, Wed, April 11th ,for more detail click here- Field Visit

2,Business to business meeting and Match making seminar Thursday, April 12th ,for more detail click here-Business to business meeting short

3,Dairy breeding scientific seminar Friday April 13th , for more detail click here-Dairy breeding scientific seminar

4,For the program details click here  – Programs 

5, For contact details click here-Contact Information

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Platform meeting on Brewer’s grain

DairyBISS will organize the third round platform meeting on ‘Brewer’s grain and its importance for dairy production in Ethiopia. In the meeting in Addis on Tuesday December 12, opportunities and challenges in utilization of brewer’s grain in Ethiopia will be discussed by reviewing the current status and relating with best practices from international experiences. If you are interested to join, please contact our dairy business advisor Mr. Tinsae Berhanu via either +251911694257 and/or email: 

Second round of dairy production training has started
January 17 - 19, 2017

On Tuesday, 23 new trainees were present at JeCCDO compound in Debre Zeit. After a warm welcome to all participants, Dr. Ulfina Galmessa from Ambo University, started with a presentation on housing in general. After that, mr. Wytze Heida, senior dairy husbandry project advisor from The Friesian in the Netherlands, gave more detailed information. After lunch, two locations of Genesis farms in Debre Zeit were visited and tips & tops were issued and discussed. Also GGK farm was visited and evaluated. By turn trainees introduced themselves and gave their feedback and advice on both farms.

On Wednesday, mr. Wytze Heida continued his presentation on housing with some examples from India and Kenya. Also good dairy practises were mentioned. After lunch, the farm of EMDIDI was visited. Milking practices were shown and discussed. Assignments on housing were done with a focus on farm level, herd level and individual cow level. After lunch the outcome of the assignments were evaluated.

On Thursday a smaller group (because of Timket celebration) continued. Mr. Wytze Heida gave a workshop with specific attention to practical issues and faced problems on housing (like bedding, concrete floors).

Smaller group on Thursday Mr. Wytze Heida Genesis Farm visit

Retrospect on Dairy Economics Training

October 4 and 5, 2016

The Dairy Economics Training took place at Harmony Hotel in Addis. Mr. Jelle Zijlstra, Dairy Economist of Wageningen Livestock Research in the Netherlands, discussed in the morning of the first day the experiences with the checklists. After it, based on the comments, the checklist was modified. At the afternoon there was a farm visit organized. Knowledge gained in the morning was applied in practice on the farm of one of the participants in Addis.

Training Dairy Economics

On the second day he taught about calculation of cash flow statement and profit and loss account. The impact of business adjustments for expenses and revenues were discussed and also the best practices to improve profit and the implementation of these economics on a dairy farm. In the afternoon communication and tools to improve this implementation were taught and discussed and a group photograph was made.