Business Plan Competition Announcement

DairyBISS (Dairy Business Information Service & Support)

Business Plan Competition Announcement

1. General

Wageningen University Livestock Research as part of BENEFIT (Bilateral Ethiopia Netherlands Effort for Food, Income and Trade)promoted a project called Dairy Business Information service and support (DairyBISS) with a financial support by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Business Plan Competition is one of the activities has performed by DairyBISS. Business plan competition is initiated for dairy advisors who are working as consultant/ freelance in Ethiopia dairy sector.

2. Objective

A Business Plan Competition is initiated with the prime purpose of motivating dairy advisors trained in DairyBISS advisor training programs and for freelance consultants to develop own innovative business ideas and to link them with potential dairy business who could buy and implement their innovative business ideas to reality.

3. Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must be a graduate from one of the DairyBISS dairy advisor training program(Dairy production, Dairy business development and Dairy Processing). If the applicant is freelance consultant not enrolled in one of the stated dairy advisors training program. He/she should justify working as freelance advisor in Ethiopia dairy sector.
The innovation project to be promoted by the applicant should be dairy business oriented.

4. How to apply for the Competition

Interested eligible applicants can mail their applications with the summary of their business concept note before September 15, 2018 to: Please Click Here to read the guideline and selection criteria . Application forms with the concept note template can be obtained by downloading from: Click Here
The concept note should be prepared as per attached concept note format and submitted in not more than 4 pages.

For more information: contact Ato Tinsae Berhanu through email : or call on +251-911-694257

DairyBISS has successfully conducted its breeding scientific seminar .

On Friday April 13th  DairyBISS has conducted  a scientific seminar based on breeding  at  Getfam Hotel.

The seminar highlighted a number of important issues for the future in breeding improvement initiatives in Ethiopia. Moreover it was an opportunity to strengthen the collaboration of Dutch and Ethiopian knowledge institutes on issues of dairy breed improvement researches. The seminar gathered an eminent of speakers and scholars engaged in dairy breeding.


Over all the seminar was a success and is hoped to bring about various opportunities .

DairyBISS has successfully conducted its 2018 B2B (Business to business ) meeting on breeding.


On Thursday April 12,1018, B2B meeting was conducted at Getfam Hotel ,aimed at nurturing relationships between breeding service providers and breeding service recipients .

First there were various presentations on issues of breeding improvement services provisioned by government, development partners, and Dutch and local private AI provider companies .

Then match making was set to bring further relations of these various parties.


Match making meeting being  conducted

The main idea is being able to promote the private sector looking to new prospect and act upon for growing and untapped demands of breed improvement services in Ethiopia and to underline the interrelation of genetics improvement with other management aspects of dairy production in Ethiopia.

The meeting passed successfully with various members sharing   their thoughts and ideas on building a certain foundation for further relationship with the Dutch parties.

DairyBiss has successfully conducted its Field visit on breeding .

On Wednesday April 11th a visit was organized and successfully conducted  for Dutch Dairy businesses to visit the national insemination Center ,private AI services and  various private dairy farms around Debrezit and its surroundings first hand for gaining more information and insight and others information about breeding services and its prospects  in Ethiopia .

Various private and government owned breeding institutions were visited one of the better-known institutions which was NAIC (National Artificial Insemination Centre of Ethiopia), and experts discussed various issues.

The first visit was also at NAIC and started with a discussion on new plans and concerns and drawbacks that they were having.   Then visited the facilities and devices that were used in their work efforts including a first- hand viewing of professionals did their works. Then the Dutch visitors were showed records relating to previous breeding efforts.


Then multiple private farms were visited and each showed their individual structural preferences.

Overall the visit was a successful sharing and understanding of two different parties hoping to be in a sustainable collaboration.

Joint efforts to develop milk mapping tools for major milk shed in different areas of the country have begun.

On March 14, 2018, DairyBISS together with the Ministry of livestock and fishery in various regions of Ethiopia have started a meeting to help develop milk mapping tools for the major milk shed areas of the country and has successfully conducted the first meeting at the Ambassador hotel in Bole.

In a nutshell  the  total processing capacity of Dairy factories operating in Ethiopia is estimated to soon surpass 300 thousand ,considering this amount of investment flowing into the milk sheds in the country ,creating access to reliable information that assists potential investors to make right investment  decisions is very crucial.

Experts working on mapping viable clusters.

Meeting being conducted.


In regard  to this DairyBiss along with the Ministry of livestock and Fishery have started to develop milk mapping tools for the major milk sheds in various areas of the country.

Explanations being given.

Dairy production training and coaching program for farm owners and managers has begun.

On February the 27th DairyBiss-Ethiopia has begun its annual house training for farm owners /managers by the use of various contents and programs and has started and will continue to be conducted in Debre Zeit .

The program contains seven modules, with the first module focusing on dairy Housing which has been conducted successfully. The program is hoped to provide managers with more skills and practical knowledge on the dairy production. It had started and will ends form the 27th of February till the first of March, 2018.

  meeting being conducted

DairyBISS is offering free on-line courses for anyone interested in Animal Breeding and Genetics

Are you interested in Animal breeding and Genetics by also being guided by a specialized team of advisor’s ,then do we have a good news for you as DairyBISS has prepared a free on-line course on the subject for any interested party to join. If interested click here for more information and to be guided to the website.

DairyBiss had successfully conducted its second gender study workshop.


On the 14th & 15th  of December DairyBiss successfully conducted its second workshop focused on Gender study ,its main goals being to promote gender equality ,to find results it was conducted by the means of focus group discussions and also used data presentation and analysis at the ambassador hotel in Adiss Abeba.

The almost full day workshop program was conducted by Dr Hirut Haile, Abebe Tessema, Suzan v/d Linden ,a data analyst by the name of Gizaw Legese was there to give a presentation and  had participants of about thirteen DariyBiss advisors and  Mr. J.W.Nibbering from the Royal Dutch embassy also participated ,their main general  focus being on the development of Gender equality with in DairyBiss.


Work shop being conducted.

Explanation being given

Certificate being awarded to the advisors that contributed.

Certificate being awarded to the advisors that contributed.

There focus was on key ideas and goals such as –

-The evaluation which is mostly qualitative data and its collection process.

-Presentation of data, overall and per milk shed

-Validation of the data and what the data tell them.

-What are the gender focal points for the advisory work in DairyBiss?

-Which issues they need to be researched further?

-How to return study results to the involved farms, as they are the owners of this information?

The meeting lasted for two days and before its conclusion collected and displayed and dealt with many of the critical and important data with the help of the advisors and helpful suggestions and opinions were also shared by the participants, they also discussed important plans for the future. Finally they were given certificates for their efforts by Mr.J.W.Nibbering.