DairyBiss has successfully conducted its Field visit on breeding .

On Wednesday April 11th a visit was organized and successfully conducted  for Dutch Dairy businesses to visit the national insemination Center ,private AI services and  various private dairy farms around Debrezit and its surroundings first hand for gaining more information and insight and others information about breeding services and its prospects  in Ethiopia .

Various private and government owned breeding institutions were visited one of the better-known institutions which was NAIC (National Artificial Insemination Centre of Ethiopia), and experts discussed various issues.

The first visit was also at NAIC and started with a discussion on new plans and concerns and drawbacks that they were having.   Then visited the facilities and devices that were used in their work efforts including a first- hand viewing of professionals did their works. Then the Dutch visitors were showed records relating to previous breeding efforts.


Then multiple private farms were visited and each showed their individual structural preferences.

Overall the visit was a successful sharing and understanding of two different parties hoping to be in a sustainable collaboration.

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