Four important facts on opportunities in the Ethiopian dairy sector

Ethiopia offers huge opportunities for dairy sector development. With a growing economy and an increasing number of urban middle class consumers, demand for dairy products is expected to rise, making the dairy sector an interesting sector for investors and developers. This practice brief examines the opportunities and challenges for dairy production and marketing. It addresses important facts about the Ethiopian dairy sector that can support future (medium-scale) investors in identifying business opportunities along the dairy value chain and in developing feasible business plans for their investment. Results and data are based on a study in the SNNP region.

Download the full pdf here: Practice Brief – DairyBISS – Important facts about dairy sector Ethiopia – July 2017

3 thoughts on “Four important facts on opportunities in the Ethiopian dairy sector

  1. First i would like to appriciate the authores! It is an interesting articles. Then i like to comment on 2 points.
    1) On market fluctuation: in addition to the major fasting seasons that affect dairy marking, there is also daily fluctuations due to the culture of Wednesday & Friday fasting by Orthodox Christian. This specially affect fresh milk retail.
    2) Regarding manure management: the option planning storage facility looks good. But limitation of space is the bigger problem in urban dairy plus can this be sustainable with bulk manure disposal of cows daily? The smell of the manure should also be considered.
    The other option using the manure as fertilizer on own farm or saling to other farm. It depends on the distance between the dairy farm and the crop/fodder farm and transportation means.


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