End Market Analysis for Meat/Live Animals, Leather and Leather Products, Dairy Products Value Chains

The document tries to describe on the end market analysis of meat/live animals, Leather and leather products and Dairy Products of Ethiopia. The document review the opportunities and challenges to produce and deliver quality livestock products at desired amount for local and export market.

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Value Chain Analysis for Ethiopia: Meat and Live Animals; Hides, Skins and Leather; and Dairy sub sector.

The document tries to examine and understand three livestock value chains: meat and live animals; hides, skins and leather; and dairy products. While each of the analyses describes the value chain’s under performance and the causes for this, each analysis also identifies opportunities and courses of action to address constraints and performance issues.

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AGP- Livestock Market Development 5 Year Strategy

Expanding Livestock Markets for the Small-holder Producers

This document describes the Livestock Market Development (LMD) Project’s strategy to support the improvement of Ethiopia’s livestock industry. It includes strategies for the three LMD value chains: Meat and Live Animals (MLA); Hides, Skins and Leather (HSL); and Dairy Products

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