A seminar that focuses on the improvement of breeding improvement initiatives in Ethiopia.

Explanatory introduction of the events

The highlights of the event.

On Friday April 13th  DairyBISS  conducted  a scientific seminar based on breeding  at  Getfam Hotel.

The seminar began with an opening conducted by Mr Adriaan Vernooij of Wageningen University who explained that the main ideas and intentions of the seminar which was that this was an opportunity to strengthen the collaboration of Dutch and Ethiopian knowledge institutes on issues of dairy breed improvement researches.

The seminar gathered a group of prominent scholarly and business minded individuals from various places around the world who engaged in cattle and dairy breeding to share information and discuss on bringing about progress in this particular topic .


Opportunities for Enhanced Crossbred dairy based Milk Productivity through use of Genomic, Reproductive and IC Technologies

By Okeyo,A.M. , Mrode R, J. Ojango, E. Tessema and E. Kefena. International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

Highlights of this particular presentation and its major points


  1. Role of agriculture and livestock sector to Africa’s Economic growth
  2. Livestock in Africa
  3. Huge gaps between demand and supply in dairy products in Africa
  4. Large differences in productivity depending on the production system
  5. Low herd/cow productivity and the environmental consequences
  6. Opportunities
  7. Why the African Dairy Genetic Gains? (The Challenges that ADGG is addressing)
  8. ADGG: Approach and Objectives
  9. Current ADGG phenotypes
  10. Achievements and results
  11. Challenges

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Dairy cattle crossbreeding program in Ethiopia by: Million Tadesse EIAR

By Million Tadesse EIAR ( Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research)

Highlights of this particular presentation and its major points  

  1. Introduction
  2. Objective (s)
  3. Cattle breeds of Ethiopia
  4. Dairy cattle crossbreeding effort in ETHIOPIA
  5. Summary of results
  6. Challenge/constraints
  7. Opportunities

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Breeding and feeding: challenges and opportunities

By Adriaan Vernooij, Wageningen University

 Highlights of this particular presentation and its major points


  1. -Importance of roughage/fodder in cow’s diet.
  2. -How to improve.
  3. -How to still feed them?


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Implementation of dairy cattle breeding policy in Ethiopia – some reflections on complementary strategies

By Sipke Joost Hiemstr Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands (CGN)

 Highlights of this particular presentation and its major points

-Which dairy animals and animal characteristics for which Ethiopian production system? – Breeding goal

-Structure and implementation of breeding programs

  • Cross-breeding strategies
  • Improvement and maintenance of indigenous breeds

-Taking advantage of novel approaches and technologies

Conclusions – pathways towards implementation of complementary strategies.

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In summary the meeting was a success and covered most of its major topics and questions.